"Since our president has sworn into office we have seen a huge improvement in life across the country. Between the booming economy and the optimism of the people this country has never been more destined for success."

Matt Connolly

We pay taxes in order to have a civilized society. Everyone benefits from our government so everyone should contribute. Right now, the wealthiest pay the vast majority, as they should. The issue is when does taxation become enough of a penalty that it drives investors out and causes the wealthy to avoid taxes then investing which would benefit everyone. I support President Trumps tax cut because like Presidents Bush, Reagan, and Kennedy ( all who cut income taxes) the economy grew and even more money flowed into the treasury. Growing the tax base is more important than high taxes on the wealthy.

America is a nation of immigrants. Millions of people left their home countries in pursuit of the American Dream. We need a strong influx of immigration on all levels. Border security is important because it ensures that all immigrants are vetted through proper channels. A wall doesn't mean go away. It means please use the door.

Reducing The Federal Government
The federal government was created to do three man things: keep our nation secure from threats, enforce interstate contracts, and secure our civil rights. The 10th amendment gives the states the rest of the power to govern. Unfortunately the federal government has overstepped its boundaries in almost every way imaginable. Many states receives mandates that are not paid, nor will the citizen accept if given the choice. I believe the federal should take a step back from its overreach and allow the states to govern. This will allow them to solve their own problems on the local level without directives from Washington.

I am 100% Pro-life from the moment of conception to natural death

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